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TRES on the 1.5m Tillinghast at FLWO on Mt. Hopkins, AZ. Picture was taken during an observing run on TRES in November 2019.

Daniel A. Yahalomi

I am a second year PhD student in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Columbia University. Previously, I worked as an Astronomer at the Harvard CfA on the TESS Science Team and with the Origins of Life Collaboration. I completed my undergraduate degree at MIT in Physics with minors in Computer Science and Comparative Media Studies in 2018.



I search for and study planets outside our solar system - to study planetary formation, architecture, and habitability. Outside of planetary research, I am also interested in characterizing self-lensing binaries with white-dwarf companions to investigate white-dwarf structure models. I hope to search for and find new self-lensing binaries with TESS.



To read more about my research interests and experience, see my research page!

GitHub: dyahalomi


Exoplanets IV Poster: 


SRMP students building galileoscopes in October, 2019.

Early mentorship and support from teachers and professors gave me the confidence to pursue a career in astronomy. I really enjoyed working with and mentoring high school students.


Two of the main outreach projects I work on are the Harvard Observing Project as an observer and the Harvard-MIT Science Research Mentorship Program (SRMP) as the Head of Observing .



To read more about my outreach work, see my outreach page!

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